the golden rule

When you read that title, what’d you think? It seems mostly everyone on Earth can agree that the golden rule makes perfect sense, should be followed by all, and is one of the first lessons you learn as a child. What does the golden rule really mean, though? At face value, here are some examples of the golden rule:

  • Don’t cut someone off while driving, unless you’d like to be cut off
  • Don’t put laxatives in your Mom’s coffee, unless you fancy the taste of laxatives in your coffee
  • Buy a friend a pet salamander, if you would want a friend to buy you a pet salamander

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Cold Called

Every young adult around my age often dreams about life after college. I may be the exception. I spent my last days before graduation worrying and literally crying about finding a job after graduation. Thankfully I grounded up not just one, but a handful of interviews. My cup had runneth over, as they say. I’m not sure who, but I know someone says that, and I know it applies. Moving on. Great, awesome, bring on the interviews! Mo interviews, mo problems. That’s how it goes, right? Continue reading

hey what’s up hello

Hi everyone! For the past couple of years, way too many thoughts and ideas were wasted just hanging around on an old notepad. I thought they’d at least be worthy of getting some exposure in cyberspace (and a little more interesting than one more cat meme), so here we are!  If there is anything that describes me, it would be the word opinionated, with a capital O… Trust me, you’ll see.  Whether the topic of choice is a rant, life revelation, or just something I’m really diggin’, here’s your all-access pass to the innards of my noggin. Thanks for stopping by and remember: a little dabbling never killed nobody. Stay tuned!