The Magic in the Minute

It’s January! It’s a new year! It’s (probably not) a new you! Just kidding but really.

New Years has come and gone but I wanted to take a sec to appreciate a couple of things about it. First, you get to wear as much sparkle or faux fur as you want, no questions asked. Second, a lot of focus on NYE is how every second of every minute (especially 11:59 pm) counts. I love that. The third thing I love is that there’s a new beginning once midnight strikes. Usually, I’m all about resolutions and definitive plans, but this year I vowed to make gradual improvements instead. My goal is to start prioritizing my time better, minimize the fluff, and get back to the gal I was before 2015 hit me like a brick wall.

Last year was a roller coaster of a lot of things. The one I’m least proud of would be in my faith, even if it was something that taught me a lot. When I say that my non-resolution is to prioritize my time better, I’m mostly referring to my time in the Word. So here I was, sticking to my plan and flipping through Exodus, when the part about the ten plagues caught my attention. I’d completely forgotten all about them and when I failed to remember what they were (did it start raining frogs or did everyone get scabies? Idk.) I like to think God interjected with, “You gon’ learn today”.

It starts off with Moses being called to tell the slaves about God, to meet with the Pharaoh, and get those enslaved Hebrews the heck out of Dodge (Egypt, same thing). So here’s where you see Moses and trusty sidekick/spokesperson, Aaron, take the trip to Egypt where he tells the people about God.  At the end of the day, Moses came in clutch and got the slaves to believe in the God that sent him as their Savior. I know I’m summarizing a large chunk of the story, but this is huge! Not only was this a big deal back then, but it’s still a big deal today. He didn’t waste any time and changed so many lives that day. SO EXCITING, right?! If that were me, I would have been crip walkin’ in my sandals like aaaayyyee, putting rims on my camel like aaayyyeee, making it rain frankincense like aaayyyee.


Not even one chapter goes by before Pharaoh hears of the news and immediately increases the slaves’ workloads. They were discouraged, their work-life balance no longer existed, and were way past exhausted. I’m sure many of them started wondering, “Almost immediately after getting ‘saved’, I get slammed with this?! I thought believing in God was supposed to take away all the issues, not attract them. Is there a warranty on this thing? I’d like to talk to a manager.” Or something.

Sometimes the word “Christian” makes me cringe. Here’s one of the reasons why: So many people think that Christians have it all together. Strangely enough, when you get closer to God, it seems like more issues come your way. You pray for patience, then get stuck in traffic, spill coffee on your shirt, and are forced to ride in the elevator with that coworker who never stops talking. Give me all the traffic you want, Big Man… but the coffee?! Cue the dramatics. *hand to forehead* *sprawl on floor*

The slaves, too, thought everything would be perfect after getting saved. The second they realized everything wasn’t going to be, they went back to Moses and made it very clear that they were upset. The faith of Moses took a hit. Moses took the dwindling faith of the slaves, and in turn, compromised his own. He was on such a roll with the whole getting-mass-amounts-of-people-to-Christ thing. He asks God, “Why did you cause trouble to them? Why did you even send me in the first place?” Yikes. You’d think someone like Moses *such holy much wow* would be a little slower to blame than that. And maybe a little less aggressive towards the CREATOR OF EVERYTHING? Juicy stuff, y’all. God responds perfectly with, “Now you are going to see what I will do.” And then just like that, He sent the ten plagues and parted the Red Sea. Pharaoh took the loss. A typical Tuesday.


Long story short:

  1. The slaves set their own expectations
  2. The slaves get upset when things don’t go as planned
  3. Faith breaks down, commence the the blame game

We are #twinning with the slaves in the story. We think we’re making strides on our self-made path, when all of a sudden we meet a hiccup, get feisty with God or, even worse, ignore Him altogether. Which is what I do. I even ignore things, people, and feelings, too!!! 🙂 nervous laugh.

But we’re forgetting the most important part of the story:

4.   He still provides.

When His power and abilities were disapproved of and misunderstood, He provided for the slaves anyways. The slaves gave major side-eye at their unmet expectations, but He came through anyways. I don’t know about you, but I see that as one of the most freeing things in the world. He. makes. stuff. happen. Despite the fact that the message in Exodus uses plagues and a grumpy Pharaoh, we can all relate to their situation. Our plans are one thing, but God’s might be are definitely another. So this New Year’s Eve, I hope you remember that although you may have resolutions and expectations of this upcoming year, the God who changed Moses’ circumstances can also change yours – even in the matter of a minute.








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