X + Y = Z

Yesterday I posted a short rant of some things I wish would fall off the face of the earth. Although I still mean every word, I want to switch gears to something new. I’m definitely one to dwell on things and at this rate may end up the most bitter old woman. BUT! I wanted to post a follow-up. An afterword. An encore? I’m babbling. You get it.


My mind is usually all over the place, but recently I’ve really been thinking about how my own thoughts travel day-in and day-out. I’ve been trying to self-correct my thought processes, because, after all, thoughts turn into actions. Most days I don’t even believe my thoughts have a process at all. Days that I sincerely make an effort to watch where my thoughts go are often the best days. You find out what makes you tick. You find out what you love and what you don’t.  You find out who you love and who you don’t. Then you go from there. You adjust. This post isn’t really anything too profound but I want you guys to know that it’s OKAY to be sad, mad, nervous, but it’s not okay to STAY that way. You felt X about Y, so change it next time with Z. Break it down! But really, hit the quan if you need to. Do whatever it takes to go forward. Objects in motion stay in motion; objects at rest stay at rest. My point here is that stand-stills can be dangerous and a very scary thing. 

So here’s to the day after the incident, the day after the blow-up, the day after crying yourself to sleep. Here’s to change and moving forward and progress and killin’ it at life and being a better you than yesterday. Here’s to being a true testament to my favorite meme EVER:a60




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